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In any type of business, it is crucial to have a well-maintained and clean commercial space. Aside from promoting a safe and healthy environment for your workers and clients, it can also help in improving the reputation and overall look of your business.

Here, we are going to explore the services offered by commercial cleaning services. Keep in mind that maintaining a commercial space can be challenging and time-consuming too, especially if you have a busy life. The good news is that commercial cleaning services can do this task for you.

Below is a comprehensive guideline of the services offered by commercial cleaning companies. This can help you in making a well-informed decision if you plan to outsource your cleaning needs.

What Does Commercial Cleaning Comprise Of?

Commercial cleaning refers to the cleaning and maintenance of industrial and commercial spaces including factories, retail stores, warehouses, and offices. This comprises expansive cleaning areas with extensive foot traffic and requires special types of cleaning methods and equipment to obtain a secure and sanitary environment.

Commercial cleaning services can help businesses in keeping their clients and employees safe and clean. Heavy foot traffic in industrial and commercial spaces could lead to the accumulation of dust, grime, and other contaminants that could be harmful to the health of your staff and customers. But no need to worry since these commercial cleaning services are capable of sanitizing and cleaning your commercial spaces. This can help in minimizing the risk of infection and other illnesses, resulting in a healthy work environment.

The appearance of the workplace can greatly affect the reputation and image of the company. That is why it is important to keep it clean and looking professional all the time. It can also help in addressing safety and health concerns. Having a disorganized and untidy workplace could discourage potential customers and clients, resulting in missed business opportunities.

Services Offered by Commercial Cleaning Companies

To meet the specific needs of businesses of varied sizes and types, commercial cleaning companies offer a wide variety of services. From deep cleaning to everyday maintenance, these companies provide different types of services to ensure that the work environment is healthy and clean. The following are just some of the common services provided by commercial cleaning companies.

Office Cleaning

Regular office cleaning ensures that your clients and employees are always healthy and safe. Clean offices lead to happier employees and a better company image.

Cleanliness in the office is crucial, as dust, grime, and other contaminants can quickly accumulate, especially in shared offices and high-traffic areas. As a result, illnesses and germs can spread, leading to absenteeism and reduced productivity.

Additionally, a disorganized and dirty workplace can affect company morale. Various tasks are involved in office cleaning services to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your office. The following are just some of the essential tasks.

  • Mopping and vacuuming of floors along with the carpets.
  • Cleaning the debris and dust from shelves, chairs, tables, and desks.
  • Sanitizing shared equipment, light switches and doorknobs to reduce bacteria and germs.
  • Removing trash regularly to keep the office clean.
  • Polishing and cleaning the windows and other glass surfaces.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning restrooms to make it comfortable and hygienic.
  • Cleaning the kitchen or break room, including the floors, countertops, and appliances.

Hard Floor Care

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Caring for hard floors is crucial to ensure the safety and cleanliness of commercial spaces, particularly in areas with heavy foot traffic. To maintain them in excellent condition, hardwood, tile, linoleum, and vinyl floors require different cleaning methods.

Commercial cleaning companies utilize specialized methods and tools for cleaning hard floors. For instance, hardwood and other porous floors undergo deep cleaning, tile and concrete are buffed and burnished, while vinyl and linoleum are stripped and waxed.

In locations like schools and hospitals, where foot traffic is heavy, linoleum and vinyl floors should be stripped and waxed regularly to maintain their cleanliness and shine. While tile floors can wear down over time, they are durable and easy to clean. Regular buffing and burnishing are necessary to maintain a professional and shiny appearance. Hardwood floors, commonly found in stores and offices, require deep cleaning to preserve their aesthetic appeal.

Commercial cleaning service companies offer hard floor care services tailored to the needs of each business, ensuring that floors remain professional-looking and well-maintained. Opting to hire a commercial cleaning company to regularly clean your hard floors can help ensure their safety and cleanliness.

Carpet Cleaning

Maintaining clean carpets is essential for ensuring healthy indoor environments, particularly in areas with heavy foot traffic. Dust, dirt, and other particles trapped in carpets can harbor bacteria and allergens, potentially causing illness among staff and clients.

Regular carpet cleaning is necessary to uphold cleanliness and safety in workplaces. Commercial carpet cleaners commonly employ dry cleaning, hot water extraction, and Bonnet cleaning methods. Regular carpet cleaning offers numerous benefits, including prolonged carpet life, improved air quality, and enhanced appearance.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is crucial for maintaining a professional and clean appearance for your windows. Clean windows allow natural light to enter the building, improving aesthetics and visibility. Commercial cleaning service companies utilize various methods for window cleaning, including high-pressure washing, water-fed pole systems, and traditional manual hand washing.

Regular window cleaning is essential for presenting a professional image for your business. Dirty windows can detract from your business’s professionalism. Regular cleaning helps remove acidic pollutants that can damage glass over time.

Professional window cleaners typically use cleaning solutions and squeegees for effective window cleaning. Water-fed poles are utilized for cleaning windows that are difficult to reach. A pole and brush are used to scrub and rinse windows, ensuring streak-free results. High-pressure washing is employed for cleaning the exterior of windows, removing dirt and grime effectively.

Cleaning and Sanitation of Restrooms

Maintaining clean and sanitized restrooms is essential for ensuring good indoor air quality and fostering a positive impression among employees and guests, while also promoting good hygiene practices. Commercial cleaning companies employ various methods to clean restrooms, offering services such as disinfection, cleaning, floor care, restocking, and odor elimination.

Bacteria and viruses often accumulate on surfaces such as sinks, toilets, and countertops in restrooms. Professional cleaners utilize specialized tools and cleaning products to thoroughly clean and disinfect these areas.

Restrooms should be equipped with clean and functional paper towels, hand soap, and toilet paper, all of which are typically provided by commercial cleaners. Additionally, to prevent slippery floors caused by soap, water, and other substances, commercial cleaners use specific cleaning solutions and tools.

To maintain a fresh and pleasant restroom environment, commercial cleaners employ odor neutralizers, air fresheners, and other methods to eliminate unpleasant smells.

Removing and Recycling of Waste

One of the vital services offered by commercial cleaning companies is the removal and recycling of waste. Proper waste disposal is crucial for maintaining a healthy and clean environment. Hiring a commercial cleaning company that provides waste removal services can help ensure a safe and clean workplace.

Proper waste disposal not only helps reduce pollution and prevent diseases but also ensures compliance with local regulations. In addition to waste removal, many commercial cleaning services offer recycling services, including sorting, collecting, and processing recyclable materials.

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